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Noisy - Passenger Transport Ltd

The company was founded on 19.02.1992, receiver of Autocombinat Shumen, existing from 1959 Mr. Registered in the Commercial Register of the Shumen District Court with decision no 17/1992. The main subject of activity is public transportation of passengers in the country and abroad; repair and servicing of buses, cars and heavy trucks; carrying out periodic technical inspections of road vehicles; trade in fuel and lubricants, tires and spare parts for cars.




The company's bus fleet consists of 125 no. buses - city and intercity from the Otoyol-Iveco brands, Thames, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Chavdar. Above 65% from the fleet has been updated with buses, offering greater travel comfort and emitting lower levels of harmful emissions and noise, fully complying with European standards in environmental protection.

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Only highly skilled workers are employed at our company. Each of them has a huge experience in the field of construction. We also have skilled engineers who are real professionals in the construction industry.

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When working on our projects, our company uses modern equipment. Cranes and loaders are capable of lifting many tons of building material. The innovative machinery makes it easy to implement the most complex ideas in terms of design.